Århus in the World

Contributors: Ulrika Guldbæk Arentsen, Anders Bøgh, Lisa Abel Christensen, Søren Bitsch Christensen, Jørgen Fink, Annette Skovsted Hansen, Ann-Christina Lauring Knudsen, Jeppe Büchert Netterstrøm, Niels Kayser Nielsen, Sebastian Fogh Nordentoft, Thomas Gissel Ovesen & Louise Vestergaard Skøtt Poulsen.

The largest cities of today are in close competition for jobs and investments. This also applies to the smallest metropolis in the world, Århus. Decisions in remote parts of the world are presented as problems and challenges for the municipality, companies and colleges of the city. Decision-makers must invent new strategies for the future and discuss the identity of Århus. 

The globalization has exerted pressure on Århus which is why the city must be sold as a 'brand'. But what is new and what has been seen before? Is the world outisde a threat or an enrichment? Has Aarhus not always aimed at plans for the furtue, which is why the city has grown, because of its ability to expand its place in the world? The book Århus i Verden (Århus in the World) explores these questions.



Århus i Verden (Århus in the World)

Skrifter om dansk byhistorie 4 (Writings on Danish Urban History 4)

Edited by Søren Bitsch Christensen and Nina Javette Koefoed

Aarhus University Press and The Faculty of Humanity at Aarhus Unviersity, 2006

188 p., ill.
ISBN 87 7934 015 6