How to write History of the Modern Town 1945-2000

Contributors: Laura Kolbe, Arne Gaardmand, Jesper Harvest, John. T. Lauridsen, Bo Larsson samt korte introduktioner og referater af mødet.

The book consists of papers from a seminar in September 2005 with the participation of urban planners and historians. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss research strategies and disciplinary traditions regarding the history of urban planning after 1945. The book alternates between presenting the planners' concrete experiences and the historians' understanding and descriptions of these experiences.



Hvordan skriver vi historie for den moderne by 1945-2000? (How to write History of the Modern Town 1945-2000)

Skrifter om dansk byhistorie 3. Byplanhistoriske noter 55. (Writings on Danish Urban History. Notes on History of Urban Planning 55)

Danish Centre for Urban History and The Laboratory for History of Urban Planning, 2005

98 p., ill.
ISBN 978-87-90413-36-9