Topics for master theses

Danish Centre for Urban History suggests the following topics for master theses.

Chronological and thematic topics

  • The town as a cartographic project
    Buzzwords: Who has measured the town and why? Realism or symbolism?
  • The town as a cartographic project - descriptions and publications 
    Buzzwords: Who has described the town and why? What was emphasized?
  • Local patriotism or state control?
  • The exhibited city
    Buzzwords: The permanent exhibition of the city. Ideologies, elite culture, folk culture, self-understanding and understanding of museums.
  • The metabolism of the city: energy system and ressources. 
    Buzzwords: The city as metabolism. Ressources and energy consumption. How much, how and where from?

The medieval town

  • The market square and public areas after the Reformation 
    Buzzwords: The conquest of the former clergy areas in the town: which functions and buildings arose when the monasteries moved out of the towns?

The pre-industrial city

  • The business and functions of the industrial and commercial citizens
    Buzzwords: Charity, self-understanding, elite culture
  • The development of the public in the cities 1800-1900
    Buzzwords: Local politics, associations, democracy, news papers
  • A year in the public life of the city, 1780-1800-1830-1850-1870
    Buzzwords: News papers, public culture, elite culture, folk culture
  • Pre-industrial public investments 
    Buzzwords: Buildings and squares in the city
  • A fair price - the use of rates and price agreements
    Buzzwords: Market listings, prices at market trade, moral economy,  

The industrial city

  • The ressources of the city
    Buzzwords: CO², environmental politics
  • Trade in the cities and hinterlands: new mechanisms
    Buzzwords: banks, savings banks, shops
  • The architecture of the city
    Buzzwords: headquaters (banks, savings banks, credit unions), the representative buildings (theatres, city halls, stations)
  • Urban patterns and community growth 1950-1970
    Buzzwords: Planning, growth, industry 


  • Regional patterns in the deindustrialization of the cities 
    Buzzwords: Industry, business, trade, globalization
  • Social consequences of the deindustrialization of the cities
    Buzzwords: Exclusion and inclusion, gentricification, affiliation, immigration
  • City branding 
    Buzzwords: Branding, exhibitions