Danmarks byer i middelalderen - the completion of a medieval town project

The book Danmarks byer i middelalderen (Danish towns during the medieval period) completed a project (Projekt Middelalderbyen) which started in 1977 and has set the standard for medieval town research in Denmark. The book gathers all of the knowledge and information collected in this period and combines it with the latest research. Professor in medieval history Bjørn Poulsen and professor in medieval archaeology Hans Krongaard Kristensen are the authors of the book. They were assisted from many sides during the completion of the book including employees of the Danish Centre for Urban History. The book was published in September 2016 in a collaboration between the authors, the Danish Centre for Urban History and Aarhus University Press. The entire project was made possible by funding from Velux Fonden, who also made it possible to publish much of the source material online at byhistorie.dk.