Den moderne by (The Modern Town)

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Den moderne by (The Modern Town)

Danske Bystudier 3 (Danish Urban Studies 3)
Edited by Søren Bitsch Christensen
The Danish Centre for Urban History and Aarhus University Press, 2007.




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The Danish Urban System and Urbanism c. 1840-2000 – an Overview
By Søren Bitsch Christensen, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of the Danish Centre for Urban History and Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen, MA, PhD student, University of Southern Denmark.
Bourgeoisie City Ideal and the Placement of Monuments c. 1850-1920
By Jens Toftgaard Jensen, MA, Curator, Odense City Museums.

Charles Ambt and Danish Town Planning 1875-1902
By Ulla Tofte, Head of Secretariat, the Festival Golden Days, Copenhagen.

The Regulation of Prostitution in Danish Provinces from 1874-1906
By Merete Bøge Pedersen, PhD, senior archivist, the Provincial Archives of Northern Jutland.

Battlefields and Urban Space – the Case of the Danish Labour Movement 1870-1940
By Knud Knudsen, Lecturer, Department of History, International and Social Studies, Aalborg University.

Rational City Design – The Metropolitan Cemeteries in Copenhagen 1870-1950
Anne-Louise Sommer, Associate Professor in Design Theory, Danmarks Designskole.

Working Life in the House of the City – an Investigation of Copenhagen City Hall 1905-2001
By Naomi Hainau Pinholt, MA in European Ethnology.

Danish “Rural Towns”
Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen, MA, PhD student, University of Southern Denmark.

Suburbia – History of a Townscape
By Peter Dragsbo, MA in European Ethnology, Curator, Museum Sønderjylland.

The Danish Urban System 1960-2000
By Bue Nielsen, Spatial Planning Department, Ministry if the Environment.

Scrambled of Fried Eggs – Town Planning and Everyday Life in the Køge Bay Area c. 1945-1990
By Mikkel Thelle, MA, Curator at Greve Museum from 1998-2006 now at the National Museum, Copenhagen.

Urban Politics in Denmark since 1960 – in a Historic Perspective
By Hans Thor Andersen, Associate Professor, Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen.