Danish Towns during Absolutism

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Danish Towns during Absolutism

Danish Urban Studies 4
Edited by Søren Bitsch Christensen and Jørgen Mikkelsen
Aarhus University Press and The Danish Centre for Urban History, 2008.

509 pages, with illustrations.

ISBN 978 87 7934 152 4



The book is published in English

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With contributions from Ole Degn, Michael Bregnsbo, Lars N. Henningsen, Karsten Skjold Petersen, Thomas Bloch Ravn, Anders Monrad Møller, Trine Locht Elkjær, Henrik Harnow, Peter Henningsen, Christian Larsen, Jens Henrik Koudal, Juliane Engelhard and from the two editors Søren Bitsch Christensen and Jørgen Mikkelsen.

All too often, Denmark has been conspicuous by its absence from international urban historical literature. The most important reason for this was the lack of literature on Danish urban development published in an international language. The principal aim of this book, therefore, is to rectify this situation by presenting - in English - recent significant research on Denmark's urban development.

This anthology, no. 4 in the Urban Studies series, examines the development of the urban system and urban life in Denmark during the age of Absolutism, 1660-1848. It features 13 articles written by leading Danish urban historians. Many articles provide an overview of urbanisation in both the Kingdom of Denmark and the Duchy of Schleswig, while the other articles focus on economic and cultural urban functions.

The Danish Urban Studies series are published by Aarhus University Press in cooperation with the Danish Centre for Urban History. The first three studies in the Danish Urban Studies series are written in Danish, but are accessible to international readers with the help of English summaries.