30.11.2018 | Seminar

Seminar: Infrastructure, Power and the Welfare City

In this open research seminar, urban historians from two European research centres will present their perspectives on the historical entanglements between cities, infrastructure and welfare politics.

21.11.2018 | Konference

Call for papers

In recent years, the concept of urbanity has reemerged, crediting especially the bigger cities with a leading role in their societies' modernisation. At the same time, the urbanity of smaller towns is in debate. What is their role and future in times of de-industrialisation and de-urbanisation?

13.11.2018 | Seminar

Seminar: Urban Politics of Materialities and Bodies

The notion of urban politics has for some time been revisited and redefined. URO Research Center have invited 3 prominent international researchers and asked them to critically approach three urgent themes of politics in urban space.